A decade’s worth of Breaking Bad “Before They Were Stars” articles have drilled into the public conscious that Aaron Paul made a memorably tragic turn on The Price Is Right long before picking up the beaker. Surprisingly, Paul never took a second stab at the Showcase Showdown, but now finally gets his chance.

Guesting on The Late Late Show With James Corden for The Path (don’t forget a potential Better Call Saul appearance), Paul returned to the Price is Right set after seventeen years to reenact his heartbreaking $132 defeat, hoping to change his fortune. Current host Drew Carey even showed up to play along, but … well, let’s just say that Paul didn’t necessarily get a happy ending this time, either.

In addition to the Late Late Show segment above, you cant watch Paul’s original 2000 appearance on The Price Is Right below, and enjoy the quiet sting of creeping mortality that comes with it.

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