A high school football coach has been suspended after some players needed medical attention after a workout the coach put them through.

Coach John Harrell was suspended after several players had to be treated at the hospital following an intense workout last Friday.

The school stated that several of the athletes needed medical attention but only a few were hospitalized after Coach Harrell told some of the players to do 300 pushups which took over an hour with no break or water according to an anonymous parent of a player that was hospitalized.

"As a parent, we send our kids to school trusting that they will be cared for at the highest level. That has been the case until this unfortunate event," said the anonymous parent.

One player, Brady Luff, said he was at the workout and said Coach Harrell was not punishing players but instead was instilling discipline. Luff is a junior captain of the football team.

"I’m praying for all the sides that are in the hospital. They’re my brothers," Luff said and added that water was available and players were allowed to leave.

His mother also defended Coach Harrell.

"So, if anything was going on with this situation that I thought these kids were being harmed, I would’ve been the first person up at the principal’s office or wherever I need to go to have this shut down," said Stephanie Luff.

The school's athletic trainer put out a message to the families of all the players to be on the lookout for symptoms such as sharp arm pain and abdominal problems.

The district also stated they have been in touch with all the athletes and their families.

Coach Harrell will continue to be on leave while the incident is investigated.




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