Let me start by saying I have voted Republican most of my life: Reagan, both Bush's, Romney, McCain, etc.. But the new Republican party of Trump is distorting the facts of why the Texas Democrats left Texas.

The Texas Democrats are not against voter ID laws that are stated in the new bill, like so many Texas Republicans are talking furiously about on Fox News, they are opposing the ban of 24-hour voting, the ban of drive-thru voting, the restrictions put on mail in voting, and the now missing ban of voting times being pushed back to after 1pm on Sundays.

That would restrict mostly black churches from having their tradition of "Souls to the Polls" where the congregation all go to vote on a Sunday morning during early voting dates.

With a voter ID, what is the fear of people being able to vote at 5am when they get off of third shift, or the mother of three stay-at-home mom who wants to drive-thru vote so she doesn't have to unfold a stroller (or two) to corral the kids so she can get out and go to a polling place to vote, or the elderly person who has a hard time getting around wanting to get a mail-in ballot so they can cast their vote.

Once again the Texas Democrats are not opposing voter ID requirements, they are for that part of the bill, but all the other restrictions are what is disturbing Texas Democrats along with myself.

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