Fans of Whataburger have different ways of showing their respect and love for the famous Texas burger chain so why not start a Whataburger Museum of Art.

According to NewsWest 9, Kristen Moore spent the majority of her life in Texas, but once she moved to California to go to graduate school, she discovered her love for the one thing she could not get in Cali, Whataburger.

“I think my love of Whataburger really amplified when I lived out of state,” she said. “I think that nostalgia for a specific food sparked nostalgia I have for the locations that I paint.”

Moore paints landscapes, especially the western U.S.

Some of the things she has painted are California palm trees, the Vegas strip, and Austin restaurants, but her favorites are the ones which feature Whataburger.

“I started to see the Whataburger sign as this iconic image in my brain when I’d drive home to Texas,” she said. “I think the first Whataburger is somewhere in Arizona. I remember when I saw it, I was like, ‘Oh yes! I’m almost home.'"

Moore has become one of the first artists chosen by the burger chain to have her stuff featured in the Whataburger Museum of Art.

Now don't be pulling up Google maps to find out where this museum is, because it is an online museum.

Specifically it is an Instagram account that features 16 artists from all over the country.

The various art featured in the museum feature the Whataburger logo, buildings, bags, cups, and of course the food.

“Whataburger is bringing all these artists into one space on your phone and that’s exciting,” Moore said. “It’s really accessible and that’s awesome.”

If you are an artist and love Whataburger also, you can submit your artwork with the tag @TheWMOA on your Instagram posts.

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