After the bankruptcy filing from Bed Bath & Beyond, Dallas-based Tuesday Morning followed suit and filed bankruptcy.

The company has closed 265 stores since February and the remaining 200 stores, 59 of them in Texas, will begin liquidation sales soon.

The new bankruptcy will be the third filing the company has made in the past three years.

This means a strain will be placed on other home goods retailers with Bed Bath & Beyond and Tuesday Morning both offering 40-90% off merchandise for the next couple of months.

Tuesday Morning was founded in Dallas in 1974 as a closeout retailer of home goods and gifts. The sale of Tuesday Morning in Bankruptcy Court was approved by Judge Edward L. Morris in the Ft. Worth Division of U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Texas.

Hilco Merchant Resources will pay $32 million for Tuesday Morning and begin the liquidation process immediately, this means thousands of employees will be terminated over the next few weeks across Texas.

No date is set for when the Midland store will close, the Odessa store closed back in February.

Liquidation of merchandise should begin in the next few days if it hasn't already started.

The Midland location is located in the Collonade Shopping Center on the corner of Garfield and Loop 250, and the Odessa location was in the Santa Fe Square Shopping Center on 42nd Street.

If you love home goods stores then for the next couple of months you can buy buy buy all the home goods you can find and get a very good deal, and both Tuesday Morning and Bed Bath & Beyond are not that far apart in Midland, so go get your home goods shopping on.



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