Who needs hands to hold a baby?

A photo of a 15-year-old girl in Florida carrying a two-month-old in her shorts has gone viral.

The teen is J'Ann Sorhaindo, who was looking after her baby cousin, Ava Pemberton, for Ava's mom and J'Ann's aunt, Claudia Sorhaindo. As you can see, she was forced to think outside the box -- and inside the pants -- when it came time to making sure the baby stayed in her sights while she made herself a sandwich.

And there are people who think not enough folks pay attention to little ones.

J'Ann's clever method is so ingenious that she and Sorhaindo have launched a GoFundMe page to market these so-called "J'pants." It's been slow bringing in any money so far and, considering harnesses exist that enable you to wear around your upper body to let kids sit on your front or back, it may be tough to find a viable market for this, especially since you can put a child down your pants without any special equipment, as J'Ann proved in her photo.

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