'The Motor City Madman' graced us with his presence this weekend before he performed at the Wagner PAC. 

It isn't often world famous rockers to stop by and chat with radio stations anymore, but Ted Nugent did this weekend when he came by for interviews on our stations. Ted arrived in a downpour. I met him at the door and promptly thanked him for bringing the rain with him.

Ted sat down with our resident rock guy, Kevin Chase and discussed his 'ShutUp&Jam' Tour and his new single with Sammy Hagar. At the concert is was great to hear comments like, 'Who does live interviews anymore, that was awesome!'


Next, Ted graciously agreed to sit down for a video interview with me. It was a political 'barn-burner'! Ted said that there were false statements being attributed to him and libelist  stories published in the media and he wanted to set the record straight. I appreciated Ted's passion for America, for its veterans and for hunting.
We'll post the video sometime this week, so keep watching this space.