She may be "technically single and emotionally unavailable," but that won't stopping rising pop artist Tayler Buono from offering us an intimate glimpse into the making of her latest music video.

In an exclusive behind the scenes clip premiering here on PopCrush, Buono takes us inside the visual for her glistening electro-pop jam "Technically Single," where she shows off her chic outfits from the music video, introduces us to her crew (including her sweet mom and adorable pug, Ellie) and reveals how the car scene was filmed.

"I had so much fun shooting the 'Technically Single' music video! All my previous videos were all very DIY with just me and a videographer, so this was the first video where I really had a full team and it was a blast," Buono shares.

"I wrote this song about being stuck in that grey part of a relationship when you're more than friends but not in an official relationship yet," the singer-songwriter adds. "The music video shows me being in an undefined relationship with the guy character and because of that I am technically single but emotionally unavailable to all the other guys. I actually wrote this song off of texting conversations in my phone with this guy. You'll notice there are a lot of people texting on their phones in the video!"

Go behind the scenes in the clip below:

And don't forget to watch the official video for "Technically Single," too:

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