This is pretty much different for those who are from here and those who are from somewhere else.

In my experience, anyone who is from here and grew up in Midland/Odessa will tell you that Taco Villa is the better fast Mexican food, those who have come from other places, especially places that had Taco Bell, say that Taco Bell is the better of the two.

Coming from a state that borders Mexico, most Mexicans I know are offended by all the concoctions that Taco Bell has come up with, such as one that I remember from years ago, the Enchirito, a combination of an enchilada and a burrito.

The gorditas that Taco Bell sells are nothing like a gordita that you get at any Mexican food restaurant either and they still have a lot of combinations that are not traditional.

Yankee Mexican food is what I have heard it called from some people around here.

Now Taco Villa was born in Odessa with the first Taco Villa being built on 8th Street back in 1968.

So even though it is fast food, it keeps more with the traditional food served in a Mexican food restaurant only a little bit faster.

You will not find an enchilada wrapped in a burrito, neither will you find a taco in the style of a burrito either, but you will find nacho fries which are best if you get red sauce on them as well as the nacho cheese sauce.

But there are those that do like the combinations that Taco Bell provides as well as the more traditional food that Taco Villa provides and if that be the case then go for it and you do you!

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