With COVID-19 restrictions lifted, the Yucca Theatre is planning it's annual event that had to go virtual last year, Summer Mummers.

According to NewsWest 9, preparations and auditions are about to begin for Summer Mummers to be live on stage again.

"The melodrama this year is based on 1920s bootlegging, but instead he's taking over a whiskey distillery to make hand sanitizer, so we're doing a little bit of a wink to the last year," said Wendi Guerrero, Midland Community Theatre Public Relations Director.

The interest for Summer Mummers has ramped up more this year over previous years because people are ready to see shows live and in person again.

"I can tell you I get several calls every day asking when do tickets go on sale, when does it open, when does it close, when can we see new details about it," Guerrero said.

The boards for Midland Community Theatre and Summer Mummers are currently working on details of how COVID-19 restrictions will be handled for performances this summer.

They will have less actors in the show than in previous years, somewhere between 30 to 60 less people performing.

Auditions for Summer Mummers kick off this Sunday at 3pm for the melodrama, and 5pm for the olio. They will also have an all inclusive audition at 6:30pm Monday which you can sign up on their Facebook page.

Virtual auditions will also be provided for those who are still not comfortable with in person auditions.

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