The Ector Theatre in Odessa has been closed since 2016, but now with a revamped look and being next to the new Marriott Hotel and Conference Center, the theatre is ready to host events again.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, the theatre's revamping construction began in 2019 about the time the Marriott was reaching completion.

Many people who have lived in Odessa for years have fond memories of the Ector Theatre.

“Somebody here in this room worked in the theatre, somebody here had their first date at this theatre. People came here to see movies, live performances, theatrical, rock, country you name it. This theatre is in the fabric of Odessa’s community,” said Odessa Arts Executive Director Randy Ham.

Reece Eoff, Ector Theatre Executive Director says they are beginning the process of booking events and shows and they are excited to open the doors again to the public.

The events they have already booked are comedians and live music with comedian Steve Trevino kicking it all off on April 15, 2021.

“We are very thankful to be part of the catalyst for the downtown revitalization of Odessa,” said Eoff. “The city really had the vision for this to work. I think it’s a good example of what the downtown revitalization means. The venue is a merger with the cultural, historic part of Odessa and also a look into the future.”

The Ector Theatre is introducing their new state of the art lights, electronics and sound including the iconic Ector Theatre neon sign that is not just neon anymore, it is now neon LED which will change colors, and more easily survive the next hail storm.

The carpet is not the original but they found a carpet business that recreated a carpet pattern that would be period correct.

The seating was saved but while the original seating was 1,400, current seating is just over 750.

To see what shows and events are coming up, go the the Ector Theatre website.

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