My entire childhood, during the summer, I spent many days wanting to swim. If any of my friend's had a pool, you can bet I was blowing up their phone asking if I could go over and take a dip. If a friend or family member had a 'swimming party' for their birthday or just to celebrate the end of school, it was going to be a good summer.

Kids these days are no different. How do I know this? Because I have 2 kids at home and for them this week is the last week of school. They have already started with, 'when does the city pool open? How many times a week can we go? Can we invite a friend? Can you go drop us off the day they open?'

Parents know exactly what I am talking about. Summer vacation=as much pool time as they can possibly get in and this momma has no complaints. All of my children are excellent swimmers, so lucky for them it will be another fun-filled summer hitting up as many swimming pools as they can!

Have you taken your kids to any public swimming pools in the area, besides the one closest to your home? Check out the photos of several that you can take the family to this summer in Odessa, Midland, and my hometown of Andrews. We have a great pool back home, I highly suggest taking the short drive. School's out for summer mom and dad, sun's out bun's out!

5 Public Swimming Pools in Midland Odessa To Hit Up This Summer

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