If you grew up in west Texas, you're very familiar with having to watch for creepy crawlies when you're walking around... I don't think much about what critters may or may not be lurking in the shadows or in the brush during my travels, I'm usually much more concerned with not tripping over my own two feet. I HAVE, however--had TWO encounters with Scorpions since moving here. One here at the radio station was cruising along in the hallway on the carpeting... Our Market President's Husband, Ron, happened to be here that day and grabbed a pair of pliers from the garage and grabbed it and took it outside. The other was finding a dead one IN MY HOUSE along the back wall near the back door to the patio. Thank goodness for Pest Control services--I'm sure it ate something they placed.

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In my travels, I also happened to come across a poster with 15 venomous snakes that are all found in Texas in various regions. There may be more for all I know, but this poster had 15 listed. So, of course, I had to stop and look them up. See what all my family and I could deal with in our daily lives. There is a really good resource when it comes to this topic--and even if you're from here and you already know a lot of this--a refresher as the weather stays hot and the risk of encountering one of these rises--especially at Sunrise, Sunset and at night... isn't a bad idea. Check out THIS website--from Texas Parks and Wildlife. Everything you need is right there to have a safe and happy warm weather season for yourself--and your pets if you're out walking dogs, etc. Be safe out there!

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