How the heck am I going to write about this?

A website called "Wordtips" analyzed tweets to find the most often used swear words of each state and Texas has a clear winner, and that word is 'fudge" except not fudge if you know what I mean. I'm actually talking about the word that starts with an "f" and rhymes with duck, luck, buck, muck, suck, tuck, etc.

What makes this interesting, is with a few exceptions, America is split right down the center with everyone on the left side preferring the fudge word and everyone on the left side preferring the word that starts with an s that rhymes with hit, bit, quit, fit, etc.

How about us dirty mouth Texans though? The survey further says that Texans average a swear word at a rate of about 35 per 1000 Tweets, which actually puts us near the upper end of the scale (but not as nasty as New Mexico with 45 swears per 1000 Tweets).

What else can we learn from this survey? El Paso tends to be the swearingest city in Texas, tying for third place with Newark, New Jersey, and those potty-mouths in Albuquerque.

Overall that word that rhymes with stuck is the most popular swear word in America, but how about my bros in Indiana, Kansas, and Illinois, who call Sam Jackson and say "Mother-word that-rhymes-with-Trucker".

Oh, and for some reason, Alaska says the d-word that rhymes with stick, trick, quick, etc a lot. If I was in that nasty cold place I think I would say "It's as cold as the word that start with f and rhymes with puck a lot".

That is all muddapuppas.

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