I had some time to kill the other night and didn't want to sit behind a computer or TV screen. Instead I took a little drive to a park and anonymously enjoyed a softball game.

If you have ever been in one of those moods, you know the one, where you feel restless and want to do something different from the old routine? Thursday night I hopped into the car an drove to one of the many softball fields in the area. Thursdays are big nights for softball and all the fields were full of teams battling it out.

I pulled up to one field that wasn't terribly crowded where some young men in their 20's were playing. The game was lively, but one sided as one team put in run after run. The young ladies that had accompanied the men were in the bleachers opposite the field and weren't very interested in the game. Instead they were more focused on discussing what was happening in school or with some other part of their lives, or their own game that was coming up after this one.

It was nice to just sit and watch and enjoy a game where the outcome didn't matter, just that there was a game. Maybe that's what we all need more of: The uninvested enjoyment of life and living with out the life and death struggle we seem to feel everyday with our lives and work.

Take time, slow down and enjoy a good ball game.

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