The debate over Hopper’s hotness is about to go Upside Down. Early photos from Stranger Things Season 3 have revealed a surprising new look for David Harbour’s beloved Jim Hopper, and we mustache you a question about it.

We expected that a one-year time-jump and summer setting for Stranger Things 3 would bring about some new looks, but no one anticipated Hopper going full dad. The fan-favorite police chief and Hellboy star shared an unrelated Instagram post in full costume, but with one curious addition. We present to you … Jim Hopper’s new mustache:

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Mind you, Hopper has always been a bit unkempt in the facial hair department, but historically ventured closer to goatee than cop mustache. And lest you think that soup-strainer might be gone by the time cameras start rolling, Digital Spy has another on-set photo with a closer look at Hop’s summer shave.

Elsewhere of Season 3, the story is said to move ahead another year to the sunny summer of 1985, and draw heavily on Back to the Future as an influence. The third year will introduce Cary Elwes as Hawkins’ Mayor Kline, Jake Busey as unscrupulous reporter Bruce, and a new teen character played by Maya Thurman-Hawke (daughter of Uma and Ethan). Production is already underway, though the Duffer brother creators have seen a litany of complaints in recent months, including allegations of on-set abuse, and plagiarism lawsuits.

Stranger Things 3 is still expected to premiere in 2019, so we mustache you to stay tuned.

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