Does Steve Harrington die in Stranger Things? Season 4, Vol. 2 of the hit supernatural show is just hours away from dropping on Netflix, but will the beloved character make it out alive to see another next season?

Stranger Things Season 4, Vol. 2 is expected to bring more blood, more action and more death to the popular series when it releases tomorrow (July 1).

As for what fans can expect in Vol. 2 of the show, the Duffer Brothers told Variety there will be a “body count” in the closing episodes of the season. However, the show's creators failed to mention who specifically will be included on the chopping block.


Vol. 1 saw the kids, now teenagers, trying to come to terms with life without each other as many of the characters moved away last season.

When Max Mayfield becomes the target of new Upside Down villain Vecna’s curse, she enters the Mind Lair, an imaginary location existing in Vecna’s mind where Vecna . Luckily, she's saved by her friends who pull her back to reality by playing her favorite song: Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)."

Ever since Vol. 1 aired, fans have been wondering who Vecna's next victim — or victims — will be. Many are worried it could none other than the much-beloved popular jock-turned-neighborhood-babysitter Steve Harrington, played by the very talented Joe Keery. The character was originally supposed to be killed off in Season 1, but Keery's charismatic take on the character, talent and general likeability changed the showrunners' minds.

However, others also speculate that it could be lovable metalhead newcomer Eddie Munson; the series' OG Final Boy Will Byers; or even Max, as teasers have hinted she may go another round against Vecna.

With the next installment of Stranger Things just hours away, fans are taking to Twitter and other social media to share their concerns for Steve's safety and the safety of their other favorite characters.

Many have even created memes in order to manifest the survival of Steve, Eddie, Will, Max and more.

Will it be enough to save these fan-favorite characters? Only time will tell... Just don't count down the minutes on a creepy old grandfather clock.

In the meantime, see some memes and fan manifestations below:

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