Count Late Show host Stephen Colbert among those buzzing about Bill O'Reilly's ouster at Fox News.

Colbert dedicated a good chunk of his monologue on Wednesday night's show to the huge cable news story and even wished O'Reilly well -- in character as the far-right character he made famous on Comedy Central. You can zip ahead to the 3:50 mark to see "Colbert" in action. And be sure to check out his new far-right radio host character, Tuck Buckford, too.

Jimmy Fallon had some food for thought on The Tonight Show when he sat down with Sienna Miller and Anthony Bourdain to play a rousing, if not slightly disgusting, game called "Secret Ingredient," in which they had to guess the bizarre addition to well-known dishes.

Over on The Late Late Show, host James Corden got into a tiff with Kevin James that spiraled out of control in a bit called "Youth Soccer Dad Battle" that also featured Adam Sandler.

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