In case you missed it, Stan Lee is now a Texas Rangers fan. The man responsible for the resurgence of Marvel Comics popularity threw out the first pitch June 4, when the Texas Rangers hosted the Mariners, and now he has a new favorite team.

Rick Renner visited with Stan Lee post pitch, and asked him about his experience. He said he wished he had thrown the ball a little better, but his heart was in it and he had the right intention. In response to Renner's statement about the Rangers winning him over Lee said, "I love the Texas Rangers. They are my team from now on."

He said he just wished that he had hit the plate when he threw out the damn ball. Rinner also asked him which Marvel character he thought Odor is most like. Lee said the Hulk!

He also talked about how important the cameos are in each of the Marvel Comics. "Oh, those cameos are so important to me. I'm the only cameo specialist in the world."

Apparently Lee was good luck, the Rangers went to defeat the Mariners 10-4.

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