If you want a summer job or your kids are looking for one you can look out in your own backyard. I am talking about the canyon. Who wouldn't want to call Palo Duro Canyon their place of work?

I mean you have so much scenery. You will have so many great photo ops. You will have so many stories to tell. Working for the Musical Drama Texas was always one of those jobs I wanted to have.

When I was in high school a lot of my friends worked in hospitality. They loved the job so much. I didn't get to work during high school so I could only live vicariously through all of their fun and stories.

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Less than two months from the opening night of TEXAS in Palo Duro Canyon so if you are looking for that summer job now is your chance. I mean what would there be to complain about? A beautiful night in the canyon beats any night anywhere else. Plus there will be lots of opportunities to meet new people and make new friends.

No, you can't still make it in the cast. Those roles were handed out several months ago. Nope, that is not your role this summer. They do need other help that is more upfront. Literally up front and the first people the guests talk to and see before the show.

So make your summer plans and make sure that you don't miss this golden opportunity. These nights will be the best with lots of great memories.

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