This morning I sat down and had a long conversation on the phone with champion shooter Julie Golob. I was only able to play a portion, but we talked about her new e-book, how women should go about choosing the proper carry gun and more. Years ago when a conversation turned to a 'shooting sport', the image of a woman athlete wasn't the first thing that popped into most minds; but that's exactly what Julie Golob is. In every sense of the word, she has mastered her sport.

Julie is one of the most accomplished professional shooters in the world: A veteran of the elite U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit, a former U.S. Army Female Athlete of the Year's list of over 50 world and national titles include wins at the International Revolver Championships, IPSC competitions the Bianchi Cup, Steel Challenge, IDPA Nationals and all six divisions in USPSA national events.

Julie took a break from shooting last year to give birth to her second child, but that didn't slow her down much. Poised to make a comeback in 2014, she has released an new e-book entitled: Shooting While Pregnant. Many female athletes train through their pregnancy right up until the time they give birth, why would shooters be any different? Julie provides information that an expecting mother would want to consider before heading off to the range. For example: Minimizing lead exposure and preventing contact with solvents, both of which are pretty common on the range.

Listen to Spencer's interview with Julie Golob: 

Julie Golob has become the image of today's athlete. She truly is best shooters of our time and a wonderful ambassador of the sport.   About Julie Golob: Julie's first book, SHOOT: Your Guide to Shooting and Competition, was published in 2012. She also offers helpful shooting tips and insight on the Shooting USA (website) on The Outdoor Television Network. Learn more at

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