Remember the slogan Southwest used to have many years ago, "You are now free to move about the country?" Well, they are wanting you to move about the country as they upgrade their planes with better amenities.

According to NBC DFW, Southwest says they are spending $2 billion on improved amenities on their planes which include faster internet, bigger overhead bins, in-seat power to charge devices, and new drinks.

With the downturn in traveling due to increased gas prices because of the war in Ukraine, they are wanting to increase the number of bookings over the usually crowded summer travel schedule.

Southwest is not the only airline that is doing improvements to attract flyers, United Airlines made upgrades last year with new seatback screens and better entertainment systems and they are also touting bigger overhead bins as more improvements for this year.

Delta Air Lines is installing new seats in first class and will be offering free internet in the future. Hawaiian Airlines is planning complimentary Wi-Fi through SpaceX's Starlink service in the coming months.

Southwest's $2 billion investment will be over the next five years and the changes are not only for all passengers, but it is to improve the number of business travelers.

They also entered into an agreement with satellite provider Viasat for in-flight connectivity to be provided on the new planes.

In-seat power is something they will soon offer also on Max planes with USB A and C power ports.

So get ready for a better flying experience in the next five years and go book that vacation now.

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