The TikTok user also named Irving, Round Rock, Pearland, and Killeen along with Midland as the top 5 lamest cities to visit in Texas.

User therealshamar2x posted the video on Saturday and it has already went viral with over 700,000 views and almost 70,000 likes.

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A few people are not in agreement with the creator's list, here is the video:

One user even chimed in that "If it isn't Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, or San Antonio then it's prolly wack."

I have been to all 5 and though they are not the best places in Texas, they are really not that bad.

Killeen has Fort Hood and also has more trees than Midland, Pearland is a suburb of Houston just like Irving is a suburb of Dallas and both are not the most wonderful suburbs but Irving does have the Ruth Paine House Museum where John F. Kennedy stayed the night before he was assassinated.

Round Rock does have the biggest indoor waterpark in the US and plus it is a suburb of Austin.

Midland has the Petroleum Museum since we are the center of the oilfield and living here is not as bad as some places I have visited, so I do not know if this guy is from Texas or if he has ever really visited any of those cities or just Googled them and got judgmental.

It is not stated on his TikTok video either if he is a visitor to the Lone Star State or if he does indeed live here somewhere, but if he does live here, I would place my bets on him living in one of the big 5 cities in Texas.


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