Despite the last couple of days feeling like summer,  believe it or not, this Thursday, snow could be falling in the Permian Basin. We have sunny days most of this week with a 20% chance of snow as we look toward the weekend. In case you are not from Midland/Odessa, here are some good things to know as we gear up for the snowfall. And by that I mean probably little to no accumulation...usually. lol


  1. we can count on 1 hand how many days a year it snows here, therefore when it does we freak out and take extra precaution if the roads are slick and/or iced over. No need to drive like a maniac to get to your destination. Locals will drive, slowly to get to where they are going or we will stay home and take the day off 'to be on the safe side' and we expect you to do the same.
  2. if your kids are in school-expect a late start or for school to be cancelled altogether. (your child's school will inform you that morning) See #1 for the explanation.
  3. don't get used to the beautiful, white flurries. If accumulation does occur, enjoy it...while it lasts. The sun will be out by noon and the snow will be melted by early afternoon. Take pictures for social media and let the kids run around in it early before it's all gone.
  4. do not be surprised if the area where you live gets some snow and where you work does not. This is normal. It is not unusual for it to snow and ice over on highway 191 between Midland/Odessa, yet West Odessa get nothing. We will believe you when you get to work and say, 'it wasn't even snowing when I left my house!' Yet your workplace is blanketed in all white.
  5. if it does in fact snow on Thursday (we all have high hopes), enjoy it, make snow angels and eat snow ice cream because there is a very good chance that all is we will get this winter! Welcome to Texas baby! lol

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