In the past few years, EDM has set itself on a steady course for world domination. Now, not even Vegas is safe. Skrillex and a slew of other DJs like Zedd and Sebastian Ingrosso of Swedish House Mafia have teamed up with the legendary Cirque du Soleil to create LIGHT, a new EDM-inspired club at the Mandalay Bay hotel. No dates for Skrillex's residency have been announced as of yet, but the establishment is set to open on April 26.

The 'Bangarang' DJ seems excited about his new gig telling Rolling Stone, "I want it be distinct to the LIGHT club because the configuration is so customizable, it's f---ing crazy. That's the thing about the club, too: they can do anything, so it's how you maximize the dynamic of a great show with all their f---ing bells and whistles..."

So with all these bells and whistles you speak of, Skrillex, will you have the signature Cirque du Soleil performers that contort and flip all over the stage? "For me, personally, the objective is to have something based around your music and something you want to dance to, not something you want to stare at the whole time."

Fellow EDM-er Zedd said he's taking inspiration for his residency from the live performances of a very famous collaborator ... Lady Gaga! He said, "We can have the brightest lights and everything we want to have, but what I liked about Gaga's show was there's a lot of humanity; there are a lot of dancers and it's almost like a theater play with music."

EDM and an amazing Cirque du Soleil light show in a Vegas atmosphere? Sounds like the start of beautiful thing!

Watch the Skrillex 'Bangarang' Video