In a social media-fueled world where everyone has something to say, the hot takes seem to never end. As Seth Meyers shows, not all takes are created equal.

We've all had those conversations, whether in person or online, with that one co-worker or acquaintance that just doesn't seem to get it. Last night on Late Night, Seth Meyers hit the streets to show that it's not just you that has to deal with extremely bad takes, it's everyone.

As enjoyable as more Spider-Man reboots would be, the idea that President Tax should release his Trump returns just doesn't resonate with most of the crowd. Mostly because Trump returns aren't a thing. That's a bad take, my dude.

The Daily Show has never had a problem skewering other news programs, or letting Megyn Kelly off the hook for not being a complete monster some of the time. That was definitely the case on last night's show where senior Russian affairs correspondent Michelle Wolf blasted Kelly for having the audacity to pretend she was never part of the cable news problem.

As Wolf puts it, Kelly is the Tonya Harding of cable news. That's about as apt a description as we've ever heard.

Kevin Hart is a smart and funny man who has learned a lot in his time as a father. He and Stephen Colbert chatted about the life lessons he hopes to impart to his children. The most important lesson however was that if you're going to use drugs, use them under proper supervision. You know, with someone like Snoop Dogg.

Admitted Goop subscriber Jimmy Kimmel had Gwyneth Paltrow on his show last night, and the two talked about Gwyn's lifestyle magazine. Well, they would have if Gwyn had actually done any of the research for her magazine articles and the products it promotes and sells.

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