I have always wanted to learn how to fly a plane. Since I was little, my best friend Eric was all about planes and it was infectious. He taught me the differences between a Boeing 737, 747, DC-10, and more because he had models of all these aircraft. So needless to say--it was cool to live so close to O'Hare Airport on Chicago's north side and be able to go and watch the planes take off and land standing at the fence at the end of the runway. Fast forward to being in radio, and getting the chance to go up with the Red Baron Squadron and do tricks in the air like flying upside down, the "hammerhead" where they go into a dive and cut the engine--only to start it up again and pull up at the last minute, and more fun tricks like barrel rolls. THAT was an experience I will never ever forget. Having my goggles on with my radio helmet and the pilot talking to me asking me if it's ok and am I good with doing the next trick as he described it to me. I had the choice that day of going up with the Blue Angels, or these guys. And I picked the Red Baron guys because I didn't want to get sick in a fighter jet with the G Force and crazy tricks....

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Having lived here for just over 14 months--I've had to take several commercial flights  back home to Illinois to facilitate movers, furniture delivery, and seeing family. My wife has travelled back three times as much as I have to see my step kids back home. But-seeing the area from the sky in a commercial airliner isn't quite the same as seeing it from a smaller plane or private jet. You'll have the chance to do just that tomorrow with an open house happening at AeroTex Aviation. Everything is free except Discovery Flights which are 10% off during the open house. That means you can actually fly the plane if you feel you can handle it. We had Brian from AeroTex on the morning show this morning to talk about it and the whole day seems like a blast. If you want more information on what's going on tomorrow--click here.

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