We visited the Three Rivers Petroglyph Site while we were on vacation last week. Here are some photos of these unusual archeological drawings.

I had visited the Three Rivers Petroglyphs site back in the early 90s when I was working for a TV station. We're hired to film 13 episodes of a PBS series called, 'Painting the Land of Enchantment with Chuck Glikas'. One of those locations was the Three Rivers Petroglyphs site; now some 20 years later, I wanted to take Moe to see these unusual petroglyphs.

A rugged half-mile trail begins at the visitor shelter and links many of the most interesting petroglyphs. Another short trail begins on the east side of the picnic area and leads to the remains of a Mogollon village, whose inhabitants were likely responsible for the petroglyphs. Occupied for about 400 years, the site was partially excavated in 1976. On the village site, there are foundations of three types of prehistoric buildings. A small pueblo ruin is nearby and Sierra Blanca towers above to the east. Just up the road is Three Rivers Campground and an entry point into the Lincoln National Forest.

Unfortunately, time and tourists have not been kind to the site; many of the petroglyphs have been damaged by unsupervised children and vandals.

Make sure if you're in the area of Ruidoso or Alamogordo, New Mexico, to stop by and see them before they are lost to time.