Look, we all know that there’s a moment for every movie. Sometimes you want to watch the challenging documentary about a group of people struggling against a broken system; sometimes you want to watch the award-winning foreign film that exposes injustices in another country. And sometimes, just sometimes, you want to watch the movie where Antonio Banderas plays a mall cop who shoots a bunch of bad guys in the head. We may not be able to help you with the first two, but today? Today we’ve got enough Banderas goodness to make your Sunday just a little brighter.

The jokes for the first trailer of Security (via /Film) pretty much write themselves. Yes, it looks like Die Hard. Yes, it also looks like Paul Blart: Mall Cop. But it wasn’t that long ago that Antonio Banderas was one of the biggest action stars in the world, and Security seems to be following in the footsteps of countless other action movies that allow 50-something stars to recapture some of their faded action glory. Oh, and somewhere out there is a Ben Kingsley completionist who totally lost their mind that Sir Ben will be playing another growling mafiosa in a low-budget thriller. I’ve paid more money to see worse movies than what Security has to offer.

Here’s the full plot synopsis for Security:

An ex-special services veteran, down on his luck and desperate for work, takes a job as a security guard at a run-down mall in a rough area of town. On his first night on the job, he opens the doors up to a distraught and desperate young girl who has escaped and fled from a hijacking of the police motorcade that was transporting her to testify as a trial witness in a briefcase. Hot on her heels is psychopathic hijacker, alongside his resourceful henchmen, who will stop at nothing to extract and eliminate their witness.

No American release date has been set for Security, but this movie has midnight screenings at New York’s IFC Center or Cinema Village written all over it.

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