Britney Spears performed her first-ever concert in Seoul, South Korea on Saturday (June 10), and as expected, K-pop stars from all corners of the industry flocked to the sold-out Gocheok Sky Dome to watch the American Princess of Pop perform her biggest career-spanning hits and latest bops.

Longtime Britney stan and "I Just Wanna Dance" solo star in her own right Tiffany of girl group Girls' Generation (not to be confused with U.S. '80s pop star Tiffany) was in the crowd, singing along to "Stronger":

The boy band stereotype-shattering Jo Kwon from 2AM was also in attendance, Instagramming live from the show:

Other artists like Kim Dong-jun from ZE:A, former members of KARA Park Gyu-ri and Han Seung-yeon, Jane from Real Girls Project and Ashley from Ladies' Code also turned up:

And it wasn't just K-pop superstars fangirling for Britney: Park Sul-nyeo, renowned Korean designer of the traditional hanbok dress for the past few decades, reflected on Britney's last visit to Korea 14 years ago on Instagram, fondly recalling how "humble and respectful of the culture" Britney was at the time.

Meanwhile, if you want to hear Britney speak Korean... you're in luck!

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