A bill has been introduced into the Texas legislative session to show men the restrictions some laws have made on women's issues.

According to NewsWest 9, House Bill 4260 "A Man's Right to Know" would fine men $100 for an "emission by a man made outside the vagina or medical facility" and would be considered "an act against an unborn child and failing to preserve the sanctity of life."

That means it would essentially make men's masturbation illegal.

The bill is a satirical proposal to shed light on restrictions made for women who seek to get an abortion.

The bill would make men wait 24 hours after getting a health consultation before getting a vasectomy or a prescription for Viagra, the same way a woman must wait 24 hours after a consultation before getting an abortion.

Rep. Jessica Farrar, D-Houston, said she introduced the bill in fear of more obstacles put on women that could be presented in the new Trump Administration and to make people stop and think about those restrictions that are already put on women.

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