Amber Liu, the popular California-born rapper, singer and founding member of f(x), is worrying her fans with a mysterious message posted today (Mar. 14) on her Instagram.

The defeated-sounding post, which is written entirely in English, sees the 4 Walls superstar getting frustrated with the demands and "false hope" of the industry.

I've given my everything. I tried to work things out. Whether it be the creative or business, I’ve been doing everything myself for years so I can to keep myself afloat. But in the end, I’m continuously neglected, hurt, and taken advantage of. I’ve been patient… the fans have been extremely patient and I can’t take it anymore just sitting around, waiting, being constantly rejected and given false hope. I’m so tired mentally and physically and this is where I draw the line. No more.

K-pop fans were quick to point out that Amber's Instagram looks nearly identical to the one Henry Lau posted a few months earlier, in which the Super Junior-M member expressed frustration with S.M. Entertainment — which is also Amber's agency — and begged fans to speak out on his behalf. So far, however, it's all speculation.

"Stay strong," many of the comments on Amber's Instagram read.

Here's hoping that whatever it is, Amber is okay. Check out her original post below.

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