Ryan Innes, the final performer on tonight's (April 8) blind audition episode of 'The Voice,' wowed the entire panel of coaches with his version of John Mayer's 'Gravity.' With only a few slots left on each coach's team, they have to be choosier and more careful when finalizing their teams, and that's why they all turned their chairs around for Innes, 31, who had planned to get married and be a doctor.

He turned to music to get through the crippling relationship loss and abandoned the medical career. He's a lounge singer doing corporate gigs and weddings, and he wants to take it to the next level. Innes is a big man with a bigger, bluesy voice. He may be late to the music party, but he is making the most noise.

Adam Levine has been winning the four chair turns this season, and that's just what this was. "Ryan's got soul, doesn't he," Blake Shelton said rhetorically. Usher waited to turn his chair so he could savor his soul-packed and substance-infused voice, which shook the entire room. Shakira said she was floating in her chair while he sang.

The four coaches fawned over Innes, but he eventually chose to partner up with Usher, who believes he won Innes over since he didn't oversell like Adam and Blake did.