As he’s transitioned into the serious-actor phase of his career, former teen girl fantasy Robert Pattinson has become something a fixture on the film festival circuit. This week, he’ll make the journey to Cannes when his latest starring vehicle Good Time plays in the Competition section, and though we common rabble will have to wait until August 11 for the U.S. release, today brings the first trailer for the A24-fronted project. And from the looks of this dizzying swirl of color and brutality, New York’s hometown heroes Josh and Benny Safdie have brought the heat.

With a shock of bleached-blonde hair and that irresistible “haven’t slept in days” look, Pattinson stars as Constantin “Connie” Nikas, a small-time crook knocking over banks in the Big Apple. One job goes belly-up, and suddenly Connie’s brother and literal partner in crime has ended up in the nastiest hoosegow in the five boroughs. If Connie wants to spring his brother before the boy gets beaten to a pulp (or, gulp, worse), then he’s going to have to scrape together $10,000 before the end of the night. He then embarks upon a dazzling, dirty odyssey through the scummier corners of NY’s criminal underground in search of salvation, but of course things go from bad to worse. Barkhad Abdi and Jennifer Jason Leigh both make fleeting appearances as well, and though their roles aren’t exactly clarified, it doesn’t look like their lives are too rosy either.

The Safdie brothers last shocked audiences with Heaven Knows What, a harrowing drama of heroin use, accidental immolation, and simulated suicide. Which is to say they’ve got a big act to follow up, at least in terms of raking their audience over the emotional coals. Check out the poster below, and remember: if you get pinched, your first call’s to your lawyer, not your mom.


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