The committee tasked with renaming Lee High School has put together its first suggestion for a mascot and school colors.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, the first mascot and colors proposed by the committee if the name Legacy of Equality and Excelence is chosen would be "Rebels" but with a different depiction of the mascot from the Revolutionary War period, not the Confederate period with the colors maroon and white which are the current colors for the school.

Second choice was Hornets for a mascot and blue and gold for colors.

Should the board choose Midland Carver Lee High, the first and second choices for mascot and colors are the same as they are for L.E.E.

Should the board choose Tall City High, first selection of mascot is "Oilers," second and third mascot choices are "Rebels" and "Titans."

Color choices are maroon and white, light blue and red, and blue and gold.

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