Or better yet--either leave them at home in the AC or turn your AC on and leave the car running while you run in somewhere. With high temperatures in the 100's this week-I thought it might be a good time to remind everyone that a hot car or truck IS NO PLACE to leave an animal. While there is no specific law making it illegal to leave a pet in a parked car in Texas-there ARE animal cruelty laws that can be applied to cases like this with some pretty steep penalties. Best to use common sense-would YOU want to be left in a locked, parked car with no air on an extremely hot day? NO, you wouldn't. So use your head and don't do it to your dog, either.

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Unfortunately, with there being no specific State Law in Texas covering leaving a pet in a ht parked car with the windows up, that also means there are no laws setting whether it is legal or not to break the window upon discovering said pet that's been left.

Dog driving a steering wheel in a car
Sledge Hammer in a car windscreen.

But I can promise you this-If a good samaritan happens to be the one that finds the situation-THIS is what will happen to your car. Law or not, legal or not. So do us all a favor-especially your pet--and just be smart and leave that pet at home on hot days when you're planning on running into and out of stores running errands, Unless you're going for a walk or run or someplace fun for them to participate or go in with you--save us all the hassle.

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