People in West Texas are always wanting to help out whenever it is needed but the Red Cross says for now, the migrants teens have all they need.

According to NewsWest 9, the Red Cross is working with the facility and say that the federal government has everything the migrants need right now.

Tracy Austin, Executive Director of the Permian Basin Red Cross says the teens have all the food and snacks to eat plus they got new clothes on Wednesday, March 17, 2021.

The facility has also provided entertainment like movies and games.

The Red Cross realizes the community wants to help out but they say as of now, they do not need to provide anything.

No one is sure how long the migrant teens will be held at the man camp which means that supplies may be needed later on, but for now the federal government is taking care of the children in the facility.

There are other organizations that help out with migrant children at the border such as Hope Border Institute in El Paso.

They work with migrant families to make sure they are provided with clothing, food, shelter, job placement, and educational opportunities.

If you would like to contribute to that organization to help out with not only the migrants brought to Midland, but also to help out other migrant families on the border, you can go make a contribution on the Hope Border Institute website.

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