The newly opened Port of Galveston Royal Caribbean cruise terminal is now the base for the world's largest cruise ships.

This makes access to major cruises much easier and connects passengers to the best Caribbean destinations such as Aruba, Belize, the Cayman Islands, Cozumel, and more.

The new terminal is over 165,000 square feet, cost about $125 million to build, and will see about 630,000 passengers annually.

It is energy efficient and for those that are green-minded, it generates 100% of the energy through onsite solar panels.

Galveston Wharves Port Director and CEO Rodger Rees said "[The new terminal is] a game changer for the port and the region and, of course, Allure of the Seas means more cruising adventures for our Texas cruise guests."

This means if you are planning your first cruise this year like I am, you will get to cruise on larger ships that are going to premiere locations in and around the Caribbean.

So get out your bikinis and Speedos and get ready for even more adventures out of Galveston this year and get ready to book your adventure while winter is still here and you are ready to get out of the cold gray bucket of suck that is January and February.

That way you can enjoy your time in a place where January and February are just like April and May and is not like it is in West Texas.



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