Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man defined the image of the friendly neighborhood wall-crawler for an entire generation of fans. Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man is mostly remembered as the movie where Peter Parker has a skateboard. They tell such similar stories — literally the same story in a lot of ways, including Peter Parker’s origin — and yet one became a modern classic, and the other a punchline.

Why? In our latest Scene Fights video, ScreenCrush’s Ryan Arey breaks down Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man and finds that despite their many similarities, there’s one big difference that sets them apart and explains why audiences reacted to them in such different ways. It all comes down to the key rescue sequences in each movie. In Spider-Man, Peter has to save a tram full of innocent bystanders and Mary Jane at the same moment. In The Amazing Spider-Man, Peter races to protect Gwen Stacy with the help of a bunch of construction workers. Watch the video below:

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