Nobody knows comedy quite like His Eminence, Pope Francis. As his cartoonish turn on The Tonight Show proved, he's even got a few zingers for ol' President 45.

Stephen Colbert doesn't typically need much help poking fun at Donald Trump, but when Pope Francis comes a callin', it's hard to turn him down, and his holiness certainly delivered on last night's (May 24) episode.

Not too long ago, Zac Efron attended a UFC event with Madonna, leading some to speculate the gorgeous star of Baywatch maybe had a little something going on with the Queen of Pop. Though Efron does his best to remain a gentleman under Jimmy Kimmel's questioning, the glint in his eye and his wry smile seem to indicate some funny business is going on.

With a new season of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt just hitting Netflix, star Ellie Kemper is making her way through the late-night circuit, and her Late Night chat with Seth Meyers included the unveiling of some of her earlier and lesser-known roles.

Ellie might be best known for the Netflix series and The Office, but seeing her old '80s zit cream ads and after-school special footage should bring back some fond memories.

Being a Bond girl is a dream for many of Hollywood's leading ladies, and Priyanka Chopra and Kaya Scodelario seem like the latest (and likeliest) candidates. James Corden prods the actors on whether they'd want to be arm candy for England's most respected fictional spy, and the answers Priyanka and Kaya give are perfect.

All it took to bring Pictionary into the modern age was a virtual reality twist. On last night's The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon tested out the HTC Vive's VR Pictionary with Orlando Bloom and Zoe Lister-Jones as guinea pigs. Watching people draw things on paper will never seem quite as interesting again after witnessing "Pirate's Booty" in VR.

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