Is the world ready for more Pink?! She must think so! The songstress revealed the artwork for 'True Love,' the fourth single off her album 'The Truth About Love.'

The track's artwork features Pink in her signature color, blowing a kiss to the camera, but doesn't give any cred to Lily Allen, who co-wrote and sings a verse on the song. Why doesn't the 'Smile' songstress get any credit on the artwork? Don't want to share the spotlight, Pink?

The song treads familiar ground for both Pink and Lily Allen, who sing about loving the one you're with even though they tick you off every once in awhile. That's how you know it's... wait for it... 'True Love'!

Pink sings, "And you make me so mad I ask myself / Why I'm still here, or where could I go / You're the only love I've ever known / But I hate you, I really hate you / So much, I think it must be." Sounds like an homage to her tumultuous past with Carey Hart, if you ask us.

This single is set for release on June 30 -- so get ready to hear this track all over the radio!