We were paying $1.73 this time last year for gas in Midland/Odessa, of course we were in the middle of a pandemic also, this year gas is almost $3.00 a gallon.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, the average price of gas in the area is averaging around $2.99 and the state average is sitting at $2.73.

Midland/Odessa have the highest gas prices in the state and the average has stayed right around $2.97 and make us the only metro area in Texas with an average over $2.90.

El Paso sits at $2.87, Dallas is at the bottom of the top five at $2.80.

“While year-to-year Texas gas prices are at least $1 more per gallon heading into this Memorial Day, drivers are paying similar prices seen on Memorial Day 2018,” AAA Texas reported. “However, at $3.04 the national gas price average will be the highest since 2014. … Drivers in Texas are paying some of the cheapest gas prices in the U.S., ranking third lowest in the country, according to gasprices.aaa.com.”

Regionally Amarillo has the lowest price at $2.56, Lubbock's average is $2.69, San Angelo sits at $2.76, and Abilene with $2.78.

Abilene saw the biggest decline in gas prices in the region with a decrease of 9 cents from last week.

The state average is $2.73 and the national average is $3.04.

This comes just in time for the Memorial Day weekend which will see a lot more people on the road from this time last year when pretty much no one was traveling, but we are finally getting back to normal thanks to vaccines and the decrease of COVID-19 cases.

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