Looks like people in Midland are almost equally split on the mask mandate being lifted but most do agree with businesses opening up to 100%.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, a poll the newspaper did revealed that 58% of people did not support the governor's mask mandate being lifted.

“While I believe we were headed in a good direction, I feel this is a little hasty. The CDC and the health experts say we aren’t ready for this, but he says we are. Why can’t the politicians and health experts get on the same page?” one pollster wrote. “Open up but don’t say masks aren’t necessary. COVID numbers are lower because of those masks.”

People who took the poll also said that the decisions seemed politically motivated after the fallout from the ERCOT debacle and power outages across the state.

“Gov. Abbott announcing an end to the mask mandate on Texas Independence Day shows our governor is willing to sacrifice Texan lives to score political points,” said one pollster, while another had this to say, “Abbott is incompetent. He almost let us freeze to death, now he doesn't care if we get COVID. Vote him out.”

The Midland Reporter-Telegram said most of their readers thought there were not enough people in Texas that have been vaccinated to lift the mask mandate.

Only 7% of the people that live in Midland have been fully vaccinated, others like me will be getting the first dose of the vaccine later today (March 4, 2021).

As far as I am concerned, I will still wear a mask in public places such as the grocery store and convenience stores.

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