The Pecos Cantaloupe Festival returned this past weekend to Pecos, and anyone who has grown up in West Texas knows this is the best time of the year.

According to NewsWest 9, Keep Pecos Beautiful celebrated the return of the festival this past weekend.

"The cantaloupe festival started in the 1900s and they've been doing them and they pair it with a fly-in that goes on at the airport and it hasn't gone on for a very long time and so we decided to bring that festival back," said Amber Redden with Keep Pecos Beautiful.

The festival is also set up to bring support to the community.

"This was one of those things as business owners, we want to try and bring the community together to help everyone because if we're all thriving in our businesses and what we're doing in our community, it's great for everyone," said Redden. "They're grown here they travel everywhere and so we are known for the Pecos cantaloupes."

Tall City Brewing is excited about cantaloupe season because they are working on a new brew that requires the help of the sweet Pecos fruit.

The Pecos community is getting a fundraiser together also.

"We're doing a cantaloupe fundraiser, we're taking the cantaloupes that were donated by a kind host, and we are using these cantaloupes, cutting them up and we're giving them to people who want to donate money to the high school scholarships for Pecos High school students and Balmorhea High School," said Al Pell with Masonic Lodge 736 in Pecos.

Get them while you can, especially if you have never tasted a Pecos cantaloupe before you need to experience the super sweet melon while you are here.

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