The Salvation Army closed down in the building near the Midland County Sheriff's Office and jail last year, and now the building and the office building in between it and the sheriff's office have been purchased by the Midland County Commissioners Court.

The buildings are going through asbestos protocol and abatement for the safety of the public before the demolition of both buildings can begin, but once all is clear the two buildings will be demolished.

This will bring all four of the Justices of the Peace together in one building instead of separating them and enabling all those involved in death and county crime investigations together in one facility.

“We’re trying to combine them all into one we think it’d be more efficient for them staff wise, facility wise, we also want to bring in the four constables, put them under in the same facility, and then we have a new death investigator unit which is three people,” said Midland County Judge Terry Johnson.

The new building is expected to cost between $25-28 million once the Midland County Commissioners Court decides on what layout and architectural look of the building they are going with.

“We just drew out the building that would accommodate the offices and the courtrooms we had in mind and also you got to have a certain amount of parking so that particular spot will accommodate this,” said Judge Johnson.

The Midland County Commissioners Court is expecting the building to be completed in the next three years.






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