One doctor has figured out a way to get workers the medical help they need and get them back to work quicker.

According to NewsWest 9, XstremeMD in Midland was co-founded by Dr. Michael Odinet and it began as a clinic in a blue semi-truck and now has grown into a trailer with a full kitchen and on-site suites for the staff to live in.

The clinic has a different type of treatment which includes almost a hybrid between video conference calls with doctors and an urgent care clinic.

“We’ll go ahead and get the patient registered, we’ll get them comfortable, and we’ll make sure that everything they need they have before we contact the doctor, as far as stabilizing the patient, getting any vitals, doing wound care, and then once we contact the doctor, we are an extension of their arms,” said Adrian Stafford, one of the remote paramedics at XstremeMD.

The on-site paramedic will contact the doctor through video conferencing and then follows instructions given for the care of the patient.

The Midland clinic is located on State Hwy 307 and treats up to 30 patients a day and has other locations in the Permian Basin with a new location opening soon in Carlsbad, NM.

For more information and to locate a clinic, you can go to the XstremeMD website.

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