Comanche Trail Amphitheater has been in Big Spring since the 1930's but a member of the improvement board is looking to improve the facility and get it ready for some big shows in the future.

According to NewsWest 9, Barney Dodd is the member of the Comanche Trail Amphitheater improvement board which is a non-profit committee planning to implement a plan to bring more life to the facility which has a capacity of 6,000.

“Regional draw its exactly what you want, there’s nothing like that out here, there’s a small amphitheater at the Horseshoe, but there’s nothing like this, it’s an amazing facility,” said Dodd.

The first of three phases will be to get the facility up to ADA standards with more handicap parking spaces and ramps for wheelchair accessibility.

The second phase is to build a green room for performers and build a roof over the stage. Third phase would be to build fencing around the facility.

The cost of all three phases will be roughly $700,000 with $450,000 of that already raised through several fundraising events.

Dodd is planning on having all three phases completed by the end of 2019.

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