One Odessa pool went to the dogs as the city celebrated it's annual Pet Splash.

According to CBS 7, Sherwood Park Pool and the City of Odessa hosted its annual Pet Splash on Sunday, a tradition that opens the pool up for local pets after the pools have closed for the summer.

“We consider them a part of our family,” event sponsor Cindy Beason said. “So they like to go do events with us, and this one is specifically for them. They get to play in the water. They get to go down the slides. They get to jump into the water.”

Beason says over the past 14 years of the event she has never seen any of the dogs fight, just dogs of all sizes having a good time in the water with their humans.

Organizers stated this year's event had around 200 dogs last year and there might have been more this past Sunday.


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