OPD Is looking to go all electronic with their ticket writing and is planning to implement 40 electronic ticket writers.

According to YourBasin.com, the device will look like a smart phone and will be used by the officer to scan the registration on the front of your car to get information after you have been pulled over.

This will make it easier and quicker to get information and make the ticket writing process quicker and easier.

City Council approved the presentation in its meeting held this past Tuesday evening.

Officials with OPD said this will help the department keep up with technology and will be a vital addition to officers of the Odessa Police Department since it will be just a simple scan to get information for the ticket.

The new program will cost just a little over $200,000 of which $90,000 will be paid by unspent funds of the police department, and the remaining cost will be paid through seizure funds.


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