The Midland Skatepark Association is getting plans together to fix up the Sam and Will Memorial Skate Park inside Beal Park.

According to, the skate park was buit over two decades ago because of the need to have a place where teens could go skatebording and rollerblading after several accidents on Midland streets.

The Midland Skatepark Association is made up of former kids that used the Sam and Will Memorial Skatepark, named for two kids who were killed when rollerblading in the street and were hit by cars, twenty years ago when the park was new.

The kids, now adults, want to refurbish the decaying park that is now seeing cracks in the concrete and add elements needed for the park like adding shade, water fountains, bathrooms, seating areas, a beginners area, and a sign with the name of the park.

The group is meeting this week to get the plans together and do some brainstorming on other ideas for the park.

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